Urban Food Cycle with a Circular Design Perspective / Design Studio @ KHas

While a part of the world population is facing lack of necessary nutrition, others are suffering health problems related to overconsumption and creating a huge amount of food waste. Moreover, food production, occupying the major landscape on earth, has an important impact on significant world’s issues like climate change and pollutions. Beyond unequal distribution of produced nutrition, food production has an undeniable impact on earth through the way we consume, keep and transport food. In this studio class, we focused on urban food cycle, which includes individuals and organizations producing, consuming and transporting food.

Design teams involve four students from each level of Design Studio lectures. Each team identified and focused different part of the urban food cycle in order to underline the problems related to production, transportation, storage, use and eliminating the waste.

In collaboration with Design for Zero‘s Circular Economy expert Gülin Ölçer, we asked students to bring the lens of circular design for re-designing the system. Hence, students were responsible for identifying the system, drawing system maps, explaining the unsustainable parts of the system, and offering an alternative to the system.

Lecturers of the studio: Serkan Bayraktaroğlu, Turgut Çırpanlı, Ayşe Coşkun Orlandi

Keywords: Urban Consumers, Food Cycle, Product Service Systems, Circular Design, User Experience Design


Prominent Student Works

Re-gaining the energy value of leftover/damaged fruits at gross markets through a system level intervention. Closing the loop by linking biodiesel production to the system. Check the Product Service System designed by Sedat Güray and his team.

Pet foods are becoming more and more industrially produced, harmful and even less nutrient. On the other hand, cooking homemade food for pets is not that difficult at all. Büşra Şentürk’s Product Service System guides pet owners to learn new recipes and cook food customized for their pets. Moreover, pet owners are able to share leftover food to pet shelters through the app and totally free delivery service.. Check the Product Service System designed by Büşra Şentürk and her team.

Catering service at the workplace is sometimes really a pain. Either food does not fit your taste or the amount of food is not as you expected. In any case, we create a huge amount of food waste in workplaces. The aim of Defne İnan and her team is to suggest healthy eating alternatives for the white-collar employees who want to eat healthily but
cannot because of the city life and working conditions. Check the mobile app oriented customized catering service designed by Defne İnan’s team.

We all love nuts. Especially in our geography, people consume kilos of nuts every year. While we are expert of nut consuming, using the nut shells is a bit out of our focus since we either burn them or use a small amount of them as dry feed. With her material experiments, şeyda Karakuş developed a way to regain the lost value of nut shells by using the color pencils. Check the innovative product designed by Şeyda Karakuş and her team.

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